How to Apply

Usefull tips and steps to apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 School Education Staff Mobility


How to apply

School Heads, Teachers, Trainers and Staff can participate in our courses funded as Accredited by the ERASMUS+ Programme.

In case your school or organization does not have the funds to cover the costs of your participation in our courses, you can apply to be funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme.

Please note that the Erasmus+ KA1 application can only be submitted by the school or the organization – no individual applications can be submitted.

The deadline for application is 23 February 2022.

Own work

Steps to apply

The steps to apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 School Education Staff Mobility grant are:

  • Register your school/organization here: Register your school/organization , if not already registered.
  • Check the compliance with the programme criteria
  • Check the financial conditions
  • Fill in and submit the application form
  • Respect the deadline

Do not forget to inform us as soon as you get notified from your National Agency whether your grant application is accepted or rejected.

European Commission’s Programme

What is ERASMUS+?

Erasmus+ is the European Commission’s Programme for education, training, youth, and sport for the period 2021-2027. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for the mobility of learners and staff and cooperation across the education, training, and youth sectors and is easier to access than its predecessors, with simplified funding rules and a structure that aims to streamline the administration of the programme.

Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA1) provides a unique opportunity for teachers, headmasters, trainers, and other staff of educational institutions to participate in international training courses in different European countries. Schools, universities, vocational education and training, and adult education organizations are all eligible to receive full funding to attend courses under a KA1 mobility grant. The Erasmus+ KA1 grant covers all the costs to attend teacher training courses: including travel, subsistence, and course fee.

For up-to-date information about Erasmus+ please check the Programme’s website. Your school-organization  will need to apply to your country’s National Agency, who is also the one who will evaluate the proposal. Therefore, your National Agency is also a very good point to start for more information.

Don’t forget to go through the New Programme Guide and you will have all you need to know, following the Erasmus+ Quality Standars.

All information

Guide you through the process

You can find all related information about submitting an Erasmus+ Application HERE.

We will be happy to guide you through the process.

Erasmus Cources


Fill in the registration form with your details. This is an individual registration form, so if there is more than one participant from the same school/organization, each one will have to submit a separate registration form. This way you have reserved a slot in the course in case your application for Erasmus+ funding is successful!

This website will act as a main hub of communication and for sharing and distributing preparatory material with the participants. Participants will have a common workspace for uploading and downloading educational materials.

Participants will have to get acquainted with the training topics as well as the course methodology by accessing the materials and tools which will be available in advance through the website.

Before coming to the course, participants will be asked to review some materials relative to the topic of the course and the methodologies that will be discussed.

More specifically, they will need to familiarize themselves with educational materials that will be provided about learning-design and inquiry-based science education;

  • European Health Card

Programmes may be subject to amendment. Such amendment, if necessary, would be kept to a minimum, consistent with the quality and balance of the programme.

All AEI courses  are green - no plastic and paper use

  • Pre-register form
Follow up Recognition Evaluation

As a follow-up to the training course, the participants will be asked to make use of the activities they worked on during the summer school and share their work with the community of teachers.

As members of our community of science teachers, participants will be constantly informed about new initiatives they can participate in, as well as new activities they can choose to use. They have access to support provided by the training team, and they will be able to communicate their work and ideas with other science teachers in European countries and beyond, who have a common interest.

In order to assess the impact of the course, participants will have to answer, during and at the end of the course, a set of relevant questionnaires that will be provided by the course providers.

The results of the questionnaires/survey or a so-called evaluation report will be available to all participants of the course.

Agenda – Course Schedule

The Erasmus+ Program Guide will be announced soon.

You can take a look of a previous programme here.

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